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Some people know from a young age what they want to do, many do not. Some feel they were put on this earth for one reason and follow it relentlessly, but after years of searching I found things I was good at but not necessarily the thing I was passionate about.

From being a synchronized swimmer, I fell naturally into teaching swimming. I also adore surfing, travel, camping and scuba diving. I’m a born foodie, wine buff and Pinterest cooking queen and have in the last few years found a new love of DIY, which after a few small-scale room renovations I took up a complete house renovation.

Being a serious list maker, I revelled in the planning and of constructing my latest home – I love a project and get excited creating organization out of chaos, but once again, I was unsure how to direct this energy and drive into a career.

Through swimming I’ve been involved in administration and operations for 10 years – I was the Assistant Manager for a local swimming school. This meant that alongside my customer facing duties I spent part of my time office based, just two or more hours a day that I would use to take bookings, update social media, client information, organise staff compliance and take payments amongst other things.

By leaving the general administrative tasks to me, my employer was free to do more of what made her happy and have more personal time ‘lifestyle’ for herself.

Eventually, I wanted a bigger challenge and became Operations Manager for a national swimming lesson provider. When I started it had ten venues and eighteen teachers. Five years later this had grown to thirty venues, four swimming schools and over a hundred sub contractors. I  managed the recruitment, created shifts, organised marketing, cultivated relationships with our venues and partners, hosted events, carried out health and safety and responded to potential operational difficulties on a daily basis.

With a little over 15 years in the leisure industry I have cultivated a high performing skill set, which includes natural abilities with people, logic and planning. My vast experience overseeing the day to day operations in both small and large business means I am adept at pinpointing areas that could be improved on or increase productivity.

I realized that what really makes me feel complete, fulfilled and energised is helping other people in the pursuit of their success.

In my previous roles, I chased ways to solve problems, acted as a sounding board, supported people in goal setting and achievement and I lost count of how often I heard “you’re an angel” or “thank you – what would I do without you!” and my desire to help became my career.

I am committed to using my skills to support your dream. I believe in the power of small businesses and want to dedicate my energy, compassion and organization skills to trades and businesses in Hampshire.

I’m the administration angel for the everyday entrepreneur!

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